Corflu Titanium San Francisco February 25-27, 2005


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Corflu 22 was a great success!
Thank you for joining us.

    Murray Moore was the 2005 Corflu Guest of Honor. Next year's Corflu will take place in Toronto sometime in April, chaired by Catherine Crockett and Colin Hinz. They have promised it won't conflict with Easter weekend but had no further specifics at the time the vote was taken.

The committee members of Corflu Titanium would like to thank the 120 attendees of the convention for making it a huge success and one heck of a lot of fun. Guest of Honor Murray Moore gave an excellent speech at the Sunday banquet, continuing the tradition of fans rising the occasion upon being selected at random for the honor and suddenly realizing they've got to be amusing on demand in about forty-eight hours. Andy Hooper provided fandom with Read And Enjoyed, But No Content, a devastatingly funny play about APAs which was the highlight of Saturday night's programming.
Our revels now are ended.

Pictures from Corflu 22 may be seen on Chaz Boston-Baden's site and also on Gary Mattingly's gallery. Pete Young has some up as well.