Corflu 34: April 28-30 2017

2017 FAAn Awards (for work published in calendar year 2016)

The ballot for the 2017 FAAn Awards is now available (PDF file). Full instructions on how to vote are included with the ballot; these expand on the general details below. Voting deadline is midnight (US Eastern Daylight Time) on Tuesday April 11th, 2017.

In 2017 the recipients of the annual Fan Activity Achievement Awards, the FAAns, will be determined in two steps.

In recent years the winners have been selected by a vote of everyone who was interested enough to vote, irrespective of being a member of that year’s Corflu convention.

In 2017 the method of awarding the FAAns is /c/o/m/p/l/i/c/a/t/e/d improved.

In 2017 a subset of regular voters have acted as nominators. The nominators are the 41 fans who voted last year plus last year’s administrator. The nominating period was January 1st until February 28th.

The FAAn Awards ballot is now available for general voting. There are five slots for each category, of which four are already filled. Example: Best Fan Artist; of the five slots, four slots have names determined by the nomination procedure above, while the fifth slot is a write-in slot.

Categories are the same as last year: Fan Artist, Fanzine Cover, Genzine, Letterhack, Personal Zine, Special Publication, Fan Writer, Fan Website.

Voting is open to everyone interested enough to vote, including nominators, irrespective of being a member of the 2017 Corflu convention in Los Angeles.

Murray Moore

For a longer version see page seven of Progress Report 1, or read the instructions on the ballot itself

-- Murray Moore

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