Corflu 37 (Heatwave)
March 13th-15th 2020
College Station, Texas


Latest news:

1 April 2020
The Corflu Heatwave FAAn Award results

31 March 2020
Pluglunk, the Corflu Heatwave one-shot fanzine produced on Saturday afternoon, March 14, 2020,, is now available.

13 March 2020
The updated Program Book is now available; it includes a listing of the main items in the Saturday auction.

11 March 2020
Membership now stands at 65.

4 March 2020
Andy Hooper has scanned Terry Carr's Toastmaster speech from Corflu 1 (1984)

29 February 2020
Membership now stands at 59.

24 February 2020
FAAn Award voting is now closed.

19 February 2020
Michael Dobson sends final publications for Corflu 36, now on the archive site.

10 February 2020
Corflu 37 Progress Report 4 is published.

7 February 2020
The FAAn Awards voting deadline has been extended to 23 February.

5 February 2020
Membership stands at 57.

1 January 2020
New membership rates are now in effect

30 December 2019
The FAAn Awards ballot is now available

19 December 2019
Membership stands at 50.

30 November 2019
Corflu 37 Progress Report 3 is published.

18 November 2019
Corflu 37 membership now stands at 46.
Progress Report 3 will be published soon.

3 October 2019
Andy Hooper has scanned archive issues of the Corflu 1 progress reports

8 September 2019
Corflu 37 Progress Report 2 is published

28 August 2019
Hotel booking is now available

19 July 2019
Corflu 37 Progress Report 1 is published

9 July 2019
The Corflu 37 venue is announced as the Hilton College Station

4 July 2019
The Corflu 37 website is now live


Corflu 37 was held Friday March 13th through Sunday March 15th 2020 in College Station, Texas. The Convention Chair is John Purcell, while Pablo Miguel Alberto Vasquez is Convention Settee.

Inquiries: John Purcell: [email protected]

The venue is the Hilton College Station.
See this map of the hotel and surrounding area.

Rooms may be booked at this link.
The Corflu 37 rate is $109 per night plus taxes
If you prefer to call the hotel, the reservation number is
(940) 231-9846. Use Group Name Corflu 37, Group Code CORF20

2020 FAAn Awards
Voting closed on February 23, 2020

The ballot for the 2020 FAAn Awards is now available as a fillable PDF. Most PDF readers should allow you to enter information in each field; you can then save the form and email it to John Purcell as described in the instructions. Alternatively, you can print the form, write in your choices, and mail it to John.


Corflu 37 Progress Report 0 (May 2019)
Corflu 37 Progress Report 1 (July 2019)
Corflu 37 Progress Report 2 (September 2019)
Corflu 37 Progress Report 3 (November 2019)
Corflu 37 Progress Report 4 (February 2020)
FAAn Awards Ballot
Corflu 37 Program Book (March 2020)

Pluglunk - Corflu Heatwave one-shot fanzine

Corflu 37 on Facebook
(public group, Facebook membership required)

Membership Rates
Attending USA UK
Until 31 August 2019 $50 £40
1 September 2019 through 31 December 2019 $75 £60
1 January through 29 February 2020 $100 £80
1 March 2020 through the convention date $125 £100
Supporting USA UK
At all times $25 £20

Attending membership is inclusive of the Sunday brunch banquet.

Membership Payments

US checks should be made payable to John A. Purcell and sent to him at: John A. Purcell, 3744 Marielene Circle, College Station, TX 77845, USA.

UK cheques should be made payable to Rob Jackson and sent to him at: Corflu 37, c/o Rob Jackson, Chinthay, Nightingale Lane, Hambrook, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 8UH, UK.

PayPal may be used for memberships from any country, but if your account is in a foreign currency other than British pounds, please enter the payment amount in US dollars and let PayPal make the conversion to your home currency.
Use this link to open the PayPal website, and follow these instructions:
Log in and click on "Send or request money,” then "Send money."
For payments in US dollars, enter the recipient as [email protected]
For payments in British pounds, enter the recipient as [email protected]
According to the type of membership you want, enter the appropriate amount from the options above. At this point please add a note which includes "Corflu 37".
Choose “Sending to a friend,” then complete the payment.

FAAn Awards:

Details of how the awards work are on the FAAn Awards page.


Hilton College Station

The Committee (So Far):

• John Purcell: Convention Chair, FAAn Awards, program, publications
• Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez: Convention Settee, program, publicity, valet
• Pat Virzi and Valerie Purcell: Hospitality.
• Bill Burns: Webmaster
• David Thayer and Brad Foster: Publications, artwork, & t-shirts
• Rob Jackson: British Agent & online Corflu

...and a yet-to-be-determined cast of thousands! Maybe even you!

Special thanks to Brad Foster for the Corflu 37 logo