Corflu Concorde
November 5th-7th 2021
Bristol, England



Latest news:

4 September 2022:
Added Corflu Concorde Redux, Rob Jackson’s final report on Corflu 38, to the Publications section.

17 November 2021:
Added Corflu Concorde ReadMe and Programme Book to the Publications section. Added Corflu 38 group photo and key.

Corflu Concorde had 95 members of whom 60 were Attending. The on-site number was about 30 members.

26 Octobert 2021: Corflu 38 Progress Report 5 is now available.

29 August 2021: Corflu 38 Progress Report 4 is now available.

14 June 2021: The current membership rates have been extended until 30 September 2021 because of the additiional 4-week pause in relaxing Covid restrictions in England.

As of 29 May 2021, Corflu Concorde has 60 members, of whom 46 are Attending. Membership rates will remain unchanged until 30 June 2021

21 May 2021. The hotel booking form is now available. See adjacent notes.

13 April 2021
The 2022 Corflu will be held March 18-22 in Vancouver, BC, Canada (all being well). Full information is here.

6 March 2021: Corflu 38 Progress Report 3 has just been published.

10 January 2021
Nic Farey has published The Incompleat Register 2020, the guide to voting for the FAAn Awards this year

As of 1 January 2021, Corflu Concorde has 50 members, of whom 38 are Attending. Membership rates will remain unchanged until 30 June 2021

6 December 2020: Corflu 38 Progress Report 2 has just been published.

As of 1 December 2020, it is obvious that there will be no live conventions in the first half of 2021. Accordingly, the date of Corflu 38 has been changed from March to November.

As of 31 October 2020, Corflu Concorde has 49 members, of whom 38 are Attending

27 September 2020
Progress Report 1 is now available

5 August 2020
Andy Hooper has scanned two 1985 fanzines with reports on Corflu 2

As of 23 July 2020, Corflu Concorde has 40 members, of whom 32 are Attending

15 April 2020
The Corflu 38 website is live




Corflu 38 will be held Friday November 5th through Sunday November 7th 2021 in Bristol, UK. The Convention Chair is Rob Jackson.

Inquiries: Corflu Concorde: [email protected]
Rob Jackson: [email protected]

Corflu Concorde group photo by John Coxon
and key by Alison Scott
(click for larger versions)

Guidance on COVID-19 Safety

In the interests of our attendees’ health and that of our friends, hotel staff and others, we strongly advise adherence to COVID-safe behaviour. This includes being vaccinated, hand hygiene, and mask wearing when appropriate.  Guidance is now on our Discord channel and in the at-con publications.  Our advice to our members parallels that given to Novacon 50 members; many thanks to the Novacon committee.

Virtual Corflu

Like many events in fandom and in the wider world in the wake of the pandemic, we are going hybrid and encouraging participation via Discord and Zoom. 

Before coming online, if you are not already a member of Corflu Concorde you will need to register as a Virtual Member.  This is free, though a donation is welcome.  You can register via this Discord link:, and once you are approved you will get Virtual Member status and be given access to the Zoom link.

There are events Friday evening 5th November, Saturday daytime (start 10.30 am UK time) and evening, and Sunday lunchtime (the traditional Banquet and presentations).  Events are moderated and politeness is of course the norm at Corflu events.

The venue is the Mercure Holland Hotel, Redcliffe Hill, Bristol BS1 6SQ, UK.
See this map of the hotel and surrounding area.

Room booking is now available.

The Corflu 38 rate is £100 per room per night single occupancy, £110 per night double occupancy, both including Bed & Breakfast. As is standard in the UK, the room rates includes all taxes.

The booking form is available *here* for download as a fillable PDF form. Don't forget that to book a room you do need to be a convention member. The form asks for credit card details, but the hotel's system automatically password-protects this type of fillable PDF, so your information is secure.

Note that if you need to cancel a booking, it must be done at least seven days before the arrival date.


Corflu 38 Progress Report 1
(published 27 September 2020)

Corflu 38 Progress Report 2
(published 4 December 2020)

Corflu 38 Progress Report 3
(published 6 March 2021)

Corflu 38 Progress Report 4
(published 28 August 2021)

Corflu 38 Progress Report 5
(published 22 October 2021)

Corflu 38 ReadMe
(published 4 November 2021)

Corflu 38 Programme Book
(published 4 November 2021)

Corflu 38 Redux
(published 4 September 2022)

Corflu 38 on Facebook
(public group, Facebook membership required)

Membership Rates
Attending UK   USA
Until 31 March 2020 £40   $50
1 April 2020 until 30 September 2021 £50   $60
1 October 2021 until the convention £60   $75
Supporting UK   USA
At all times £15   $20

Attending membership is inclusive of the Sunday lunch banquet.

The cost of converting a Supporting membership to Attending is the difference between the amount paid for Supporting and the current Attending membership price at the time of conversion.

Membership Payments

PayPal may be used for memberships from any country, but if your account is in a currency other than British pounds or US dollars, please enter the payment amount in pounds and let PayPal make the conversion to your home currency.
Use this link to open the PayPal website, and follow these instructions:
Log in and click on "Send or request money,” then "Send money."
For payments in any currency other than US dollars, enter the recipient as [email protected]
For payments in US dollars enter the recipient as
[email protected]
Enter the appropriate amount as shown above. At this point please add a note which includes "Corflu 38" and your street address so we can send convention publications.

Important: On the final PayPal screen, please choose “Sending to a friend” instead of “Paying for an item or service” to ensure that Corflu receives the full amount of your payment.

UK cheques should be made payable to Rob Jackson and sent to him at: Corflu 38, c/o Rob Jackson, Chinthay, Nightingale Lane, Hambrook, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 8UH, UK.
US checks should be made payable to Pat Virzi and sent to her at 618 Westridge Drive, Duncanville, TX 75116

Organizing Team:

• Rob Jackson: Chair, Hotel Liaison & Publications
• Sandra Bond: , Auction & Special Publications
• Keith Freeman: Memberships and Treasurer
• Nic Farey, FAAn Award Administrator
• Peter Sulllivan: Virtual Corflu
• Tommy Ferguson: Programme
• Ian Millsted: Local Agent
• Pat Virzi: North American Agent
• Bill Burns: Webmaster

FAAn Awards for 2020 Activity:

The results of the 2021 Fanzine Activity Achievement Awards, for activity during 2020, were announced on Sunday 28 March in a ceremony hosted online on Zoom. Claire Brialey and Nic Farey (FAAn Awards Administrators) and Chair Rob Jackson opted to announce the results in the Spring rather than wait till November when Corflu Concorde will (barring further adversity) actually take place in person.

Thanks to Jerry Kaufman for presenting the awards as MC; to Nic as Administrator and for preparing The Incompleat Register Results Issue, which includes a breakdown of the voting; and to the 49 fans who voted for the Awards this year.

Best Website:
Best Fanzine Cover: Sara Felix (BEAM 15)
Harry Warner Jr award for Best Letterhack: Mark Plummer
Best Fanartist: Ulrika O'Brien
Best Fanwriter: Claire Brialey
Best Special Publication/Oneshot: Outworlds 71/Afterworlds
(Jeanne Bowman, Rich Coad, Alan Rosenthal & Pat Virzi in honour of Bill Bowers)
Best Personal Zine: This Here... (Nic Farey)
Best General Interest Zine: Portable Storage (Wm. Breiding)
#1 Fan Face (agglomeration of all votes in all categories): Claire Brialey

Lifetime Achievement Award: David Langford

The Ceremony is publicly viewable on YouTube