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Corflu Pangloss
Vancouver, BC, Canada
October 21-23, 2022



Latest news:

28 October 2022: The PDF version of the Corflu Pangloss Jiant Shoulders Fanthology is now in the Publications section

27 October 2022: The Corflu Pangloss Program[me] Book is now in the Publications section

23 October 2022: Corflu Pangloss is now winding down, and the Corflu front page will soon have all the information for Corflu Craic, Belfast UK, 31st March - 2nd April, 2023.

23 October 2022: At the Corflu Pangloss banquet, Claire Brialey was elected Past President of FWA for 2021, and Geri Sullivan received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

8 October 2022: The Corflu 50 page has been updated.

8 October 2022: Corflu Pangloss PR4 is now available.

3 October 2022: The Pangloss Fanzine Auction Catalog and Bid Sheet are now available.

2 October 2022: Attending memberships for Corflu Craic (Belfast, 31 March 2023) will increase on 31 October 2022. Join now - see Progress Report 2 for details.

18 September 2022: Corflu Pangloss now has 68 members, of whom 49 are Attending

4 September 2022:
Added Corflu Concorde Redux, Rob Jackson’s final report on the 2021 Corflu, to the Corflu 38 archive site.

30 August 2022.
Covid Policy Change
Because neither Vancouver nor the Best Western Sands+ Vancouver (our hotel) have any Covid-19 restrictions or requirements, we have decided to drop our policy and delete the paragraph about Covid protocols from Progress Report #3.
On October 1st, Canada removed all Covid testing and quarantine requirements.

19 August 2022: Corflu Pangloss now has 62 members, of whom 46 are Attending

18 August 2022: Corflu Pangloss PR3 is now available.

8 August 2022: Progress Report 2 for Corflu Craic (Belfast, Ireland, (31 March to 2 April 2023) is available at the link above.
See also PR1.

23 March 2022: The hotel booking link published in PR 2 no longer works correctly and will (falsely) lead you to a page that claims there are no more rooms available in the Corflu '22 block. Please use this link for booking, or e-mail or phone the hotel directly.

20 March 2022: By acclaim of attendees at the Corflu 39 virtual bid session, Tommy Ferguson's bid to hold Corflu Craic in Belfast, 31 March to 2 April 2023 was approved. PR1 is available here.

20 March 2022: The FAAn Award results for work published in 2021, together with a full breakdown of the voting, are now available in Nic Farey's The Incompleat Register 2022 Results issue. Quick reference on the Corflu FAAns page.

11 March 2022: FAAn Awards voting is now closed.

27 February 2022: FAAn Awards Voting Deadline Extended - see details in adjacent box.

10 February 2022: Corflu Pangloss now has 55 members, of whom 46 are Attending

29 January 2022: The cover gallery for issues published at eFanzines and eligible for the 2021 FAAn awards starts here (in reverse order) on the eFanzines main page. Note that any fanzine cover, paper or electronic, no matter how or where published, is eligible for this award. See The Incompleat Register 2021 for full details.

20 January 2022: The Corflu Pangloss committee regrets to announce a postponement of the convention. The new dates are October 21-23 2022 at the same venue. Full details adjacent.

2 january 2022: Corflu Pangloss PR2 is now available.
Also, Nic Farey has published The Incompleat Register 2021, a FAAn Award voters’ guide and ballot.

5 December 2021:
Tommy Ferguson is bidding for Corflu 40 to be held in Belfast, Ireland, March 31st 2023. Details in the Corflu Craic bid flyer.

4 December 2021: Corflu Pangloss now has 51 members, of whom 44 are Attending

21 November 2021:
The Corflu Pangloss main page is now live, and Corflu Concorde has been archived here

1 November 2021: Corflu Pangloss PR1.5 is now available

Corflu Pangloss – Vancouver – October 21-23, 2022

We live in parlous times. There is great confusion under heaven, and the conditions are excellent.  Which is to say, thanks to border closures, travel restrictions, economic wobbles, and ongoing pandemic uncertainty, much of what we can tell you about Corflu 39 is aspirational, provisional, or pending better data with the unfolding of future events.  But we step out in hope, and choose to be optimistic that all our Corflu wishes will come true.  Thus, Corflu Pangloss.

The hotel is the Best Western Plus Sands, 1755 Davie Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6G 1W5, Canada. Room reservations can be made at the following link (scroll down the landing page to see the available room types and rates):

Click here for Corflu Hotel secured booking
(Please check PR1 for additional information before booking a room, and note that PR3 advises requesting a room on the 4th or 5th floors so as to be close to the Corflu suite.)

Room rates for a double queen room for the run of the convention::

Single/Double $105 CDN +tax
Triple $120 CDN +tax
Quad $135 CDN +tax


Corflu Pangloss Jiant Shoulders Fanthology
The PDF version of the print edition distributed to attendees. 94 pages.

Corflu Pangloss Program[me] Book
As seen in Vancouver!

Corflu Pangloss Merchandise
Now available! We’ve developed a line of Corflu-branded
clothing and other items, thanks to Jen Farey. These include a small range of t-shirt styles in a variety of colors, mugs, tote bags and notebooks. All merchandise uses Dan Steffan’s pangolin logo design. Order at

Corflu 39 Progress Report 1
(published 25 September 2021

Corflu 39 Progress Report 1.5
(published 1 November 2021))

Corflu 39 Progress Report 2
(published 31 December 2021

Corflu 39 Progress Report 3
(published 18 August 2022

Corflu 39 Progress Report 4
(published 12 October 2022

Corflu 39 Fanzine Auction Catalog
Auction Bid Sheet
(published 3 October 2022

Corflu on Facebook
(public group, Facebook membership required)

The Incompleat Register 2021
(FAAn Award Administrator Nic Farey's voters' guide and ballot)

Corflu 39 Membership Rates

Attending Member  (rate good until further notice)
Canada US Eurozone UK
$110 $90 €75 £65
Supporting Member (Always)
$32 $25 €21 £18

Attending membership is inclusive of the Sunday brunch banquet.

NOTE: We expect an increased At-The-Door rate.  Join early and often!

Membership Payments

Sterling checks should be made payable to: Claire Brialey
Mail to: Corflu 39 c/o Claire Brialey
59 Shirley Road
Croydon, CR0 7ES, UK
US dollar checks should be made payable to: Jennifer Farey
Mail to Corflu 39 c/o Jennifer Farey
2657 Rungsted St
Las Vegas, NV  89142

PayPal payments should be sent to either [email protected] if GBP denominated, otherwise to [email protected] for US dollar and other denominated payments.  
Include a note with your payment that says “Corflu 39” and, if paying for memberships other than yourself, the name(s) of the other membership recipients. Choose the “sending to a friend” payment option.  (Please note that Paypal doesn't offer this option for Canadians paying in US dollars. Canadians please add 5% if using PayPal.)
If paying in currencies other than GBP or USD, please enter the payment amount in pounds/US dollars and let PayPal convert currencies.
Corfu Pangloss does not have a Canadian agent at this time, so processing cheques in Canadian dollars is expensive for us.  Canadian fans who are unable to use PayPal can purchase memberships with US $ denominated money order instead.

The Corflu 39 Committee

Instigator Ulrika O’Brien
Hotel Liaison Suzanne Tompkins (Suzle)
Treasurer Hal O’Brien
(Jen Farey is handling membership payments)
Registrar Jerry Kaufman
UK Agent Claire Brialey
Program Andy Hooper
Claire Brialey
Mark Plummer
Auctions Andy Hooper
Consuite Carrie Root
Publications Lucy Huntzinger
FAAn Awards Nic Farey
Fanthology Andy Hooper
Jerry Kaufman
Advance Scout Garth Spencer
Web Master Bill Burns
Inquiries to: Ulrika O’Brien: [email protected]

Archived Notes

Special Announcement: 20 January 2022

Corflu Pangloss Postponed 

The Corflu Pangloss committee have concluded that current circumstances make our original March dates unfeasible. The Omicron variant of Covid-19 has made travel much more uncertain (the US Centers for Disease Control currently warns US residents against traveling to Canada). We hope that moving the convention later in the year will reduce or eliminate the uncertainties and perhaps more fans can attend.

Also, several critical committee members have new medical issues that make it difficult for them to work on the convention in the coming crucial weeks, and could prevent them from working onsite or even attending. We hope that with a delay we will be able to see them attend and participate as planned.

We therefore announce NEW dates for Pangloss:
October 21-23, 2022

The Sands Hotel has moved our function space and hospitality suite reservations to October.  We hoped for an earlier weekend, possibly in September, but the sleeping rooms would have been more expensive, and the function space was not available earlier due to the hotel’s cruise business commitments.  With the move to October we were able to retain our original hotel rates. 

Hotel Room Rates: Stay the Same! 

If you currently have a hotel reservation for our March dates, your reservation will NOT be cancelled automatically.  You may either cancel only or cancel and rebook your room(s) for our new October dates by emailing [email protected]. Please include your name, reservation start date, and confirmation number in the email.  If you elect to cancel now, you may, of course, book rooms for October any time up until the convention.

Note: Should you still want to visit Vancouver during our original March dates, the Sands will be glad to honor your reservation at the same convention rate. Let them know if you intend to do this.

What’s Not Changing 

The deadline for Fanzine Activity Achievement Awards voting remains the same (February 25) and the awards will be announced via Zoom on Sunday, March 20, as they would have been on our original schedule. The Zoom will also include a presentation for the 2023 Corflu bid. Membership rates also will remain the same for the foreseeable future.  

FAAn Awards Voting closed on 11 March 2022
Awards and Bid Session were via Zoom on 20 March

The FAAn Award results for work published in 2021, together with a full breakdown of the voting, are now available in Nic Farey's The Incompleat Register 2022 Results issue.

Awards Ceremony host Jerry Kaufman says:

Pull up a chair, turn on your device, and Zoom in to the 2022 Fanzine Activity Achievement Awards Ceremony; watch as your host Jerry Kaufman tells lame jokes and mispronounces names; stay Zoomed as Tommy Ferguson bids to put on Corflu Craic, a convention for people who love fanzines, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2023.

Mark your calendars for the 2022 FAAn Awards & 2023 Corflu Bid Session: March 20, 2022 at 1 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 4 PM Eastern Daylight Time and 8 PM Greenwich Mean Time in the UK .

Here's the link for the Zoom session, which will be activated shortly before the scheduled times above.