Woody Bernardi Publishes Trip Report

Woody Bernardi's Corflu Glitter one-shot is now available: Without Laurie (1.6MB PDF)

Steffans to Head Corflu 30!

Dan & Lynn Steffan have reaffirmed their desire to put on Corflu 30 in Portland, OR, in 2013. In strict adherence with time-honored Corflu practice, the popular fan couple will describe their plans at the Corflu Glitter banquet. As in the past, fans will vote to confirm or reject the Steffans’ proposal.

Many Corflu traditions grew out of the desire to replace some aspects of contemporary cons with methods that reflect the principles of Trufandom.

A prime example is site selection. There is no bidding competition as with, for example, the World Science Fiction Convention or the Westercon. A group announces its desire to put on Corflu and asks for fans’ approval at the Corflu prior to the one they wish to host. If more than one group expresses an interest, they work it out between them so that only one group makes a presentation.

Corflu Glitter has not altered this process, just made it more open and fair. Previously, it was unclear when to announce and many fans didn’t know how to make their desire to host known.

Glitter carried two announcements of the Steffans’ wish to host in 2013 and, each time, called for any group with similar desires to contact Dan to work out things.

Since no other group has come forward, the Steffans will now be able to hunt for a hotel, put together their detailed proposal and ask for approval at the Corflu Glitter banquet. Glitter will have some comments from Dan and Lynn in the next few weeks.

A message from Dan Steffan

Dan Steffan, co-chairman of the recently announced Corflu 2013, sends this message to fans:

“Yes, Jophan, it's true.  The 30th edition of Corflu is coming in 2013 and the party is going to be in Portland, Oregon -- home to the nation's best brewpubs, book stores, food carts, Ursula LeGuin, Richard E. Geis and the ghost of the 1950 Worldcon.  

“CORFLU XXX — it's pronounced “Corflu Triple-X’, if you please — will be hosted by Dan and Lynn Steffan (and a cast of ones) in the Rose City in the second half of April, 2013.  Hotel negotiations are underway and we will be announcing the exact date and place once the details have been finalized. 

“Attendees at this year's convention in Las Vegas can expect to be locked in a room and forced to listen to an oh-so-exciting and brief presentation about how each of you and each of them can and will be celebrating almost three decades of fannish tribalism next year, in the shadow of Mount Hood.

“Portlandia, Beervana and Powell’s Books awaits you.”

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Corflu Glitter
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April 20-22, 2012