COR41U (Corflu 41)
Las Vegas
29 February - 3 March 2024


Latest news:

16 February 2024: Just two weeks before the convention, Corflu 41 now has 76 members, of whom up to 63 are expected to attend in person.

14 February 2024: Progress Report 4 has just been published

10 February 2024
A reminder that FAAn Award voting closes on February 24th, and everyone is encouraged to participate.
If you need inspiration for the Best Fanzine Cover category, many of the 2023 covers are on the eFanzines front page in their own section: Of course covers from any fanzine published in 2023, whether online or hardcopy, are eligible.

27 January 2024: Reminder!
Hotel room bookings need to be in before February 2 to guarantee the group rates.

7 January 2024: Nic Farey has published The Incompleat Register, the guide to the FAAn awards for work published in 2023. See the box at the bottom of this page for more details, or click on the link above.

24 December 2023: Progress Report 3 has just been published

9 November 2023
Progress Report 3 will be out in December.

Co-Chair Nic Farey notes that Corflu 41 publications will include the Fanthology, Beer Tasting Guide, Auction List, and Read Me, together with fanzines supplied by a number of editors and Nic's own "Barty, Collected".
All publications will be presented to Attending members in a specially made tote bag with the silhouette logo, and these will also be sent to Supporting members (not including those with streaming access only).

2 September 2023: Progress Report 2 has just been published

23 April 2023: The Corflu 41 website is now live

Corflu 41 – Las Vegas – February 29 - March 3, 2024

Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

4000 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Click on the name for the hotel website
and the address for the location on Google Maps

Room rates for one or two persons (inclusive of taxes and resort fees) are: Thursday: $98.63, Friday/Saturday: $137.18, Sunday: $82.76
Triple occupancy: add $22.68 per night. Quad occupancy: add $45.35 per night.
Please see the Hotel section in PR1 for the group rate booking link and Corflu group code. You must book before February 2 to guarantee the group rates.


Corflu 41 Progress Report 0

Corflu 41 Progress Report 1 (April 2023)

Corflu 41 Progress Report 2 (September 2023)

Corflu 41 Progress Report 3 (December 2023)

Corflu 41 Progress Report 4 (February 2024)

Corflu 41 Membership Rates

Please note that Attending Membership rates increased on October 1st. Supporting rates are unchanged.

Attending Member
$120 £95 €110
Supporting Member with publications and streaming access
$50 £40 €45
Supporting Member (streaming access only)
$12.50 £10 €12

Attending membership is inclusive of the Sunday lunch awards banquet.

Membership Payments

PayPal payments should be sent to either Jen Farey: [email protected] for US dollar and other denominated payments, or Keith Freeman: [email protected] if GBP denominated.  Choose the “For Friends and Family” payment option on PayPal.

Please send your postal and email address details with payment, and, if paying for memberships other than yourself, the name(s) of the other membership recipients.
If paying in currencies other than USD or GBP, please enter the payment amount in US dollars/pounds and let PayPal convert currencies.

Team 41

Sandra Bond (Programming)
Nic Farey (All the boring bits)
Finances Jen Farey (CFO and Registrar USA)
Keith Freeman (Bookkeeper and Registrar UK and Europe)
Consuite Lori Forbes and Jacq Monahan
Discord Admin Claire Brialey
Teck Ops Tommy Ferguson
Website Bill “Magister” Burns
Inquiries to: [email protected]

FAAn Awards Voting is now open,
and will close on 24 February 2024

Nic Farey's The Incompleat Register 2023 is published as a FAAn Award voters’ guide and should not be considered to be a definitive list of what you can and cannot vote for. My sources are primarily Bill Burns’, Guy Lillian’s listzine ‘The Zine Dump’ and also paper zines and pdfs (or links) personally received. As I can’t possibly be aware of everything, all votes received will be counted in good faith, subject to proper categorization.

Voting is open to anyone with an interest in fanzines, no memberships of anything are required, and ballots should be received by midnight (PST) Saturday February 24, 2024. Results will be announced at the banquet on Sunday March 3 2024.

For full details of the awards, and the incompleat list of eligible work, please read this year’s issue at the link above.